Eloquent Suds

How It All Begin Well, let me first say that I absolutely love soap! I have always enjoyed going to the store “soap” shopping. I was mesmerized with the smell of cute little soaps; until I realized there were no health benefits whatsoever.

I wasn’t educated on the benefits of using healthy natural soaps. I was buying soap for smell and esthetics that were causing me and my family to have breakouts and dry skin. I started to educate myself on the benefits of organic ingredients in soap and learned that smell good pretty soaps doesn’t mean healthy.  I remember opening my last bar of manufactured soap and decided it would be my last.

 As humans, one of our most intimate moments with ourselves is when we bathe and shower. Hot long relaxing baths with a good bar of soap is like having a glass of wine with each meal. Bath time is where I do most of my thinking about life: reflecting, crying, laughing, smiling, screaming, brainstorming, and planning. It was my time to reset and figure out how I can improve not only my life but the wonderful people around me.

 I want everyone to have healthy glowing skin. I was tired of my skin appearing and feeling dull. My health is important to me. I quickly realized it was not only about putting healthy foods in my body but also being mindful of what I was putting on my skin.

 My family has always had sensitive skin so I had to come up with a solution that would not only help us but also help the world! Long and behold this is how Eloquent Suds was birthed, while I was in the tub nourishing my skin!

 Our products clean, moisturizes, help with eczema, rosacea, dry, oily, aging, acne & blemished skin, while providing a youthful glow. With our products you will experience lovely scents delivering a positive awakening. Our soaps will speak love into you!  Every bar is handmade with natural organic ingredients that are family friendly. You will enjoy our luxury premium products that will bring life and Eloquence to Every “Body”Thank you for purchase and support!   Enjoy Eloquent Suds Queen & Kings, Prince & Princesses!  

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